General Information

Game: Metropolis

Genre: Strategy, City Building Sim

Platform: PC / Steam

Release Date: 29/3/18

Developer: Studio by the Bay

Location: Melbourne

Game Description

Metropolis is an immersive and challenging political strategy game where you are the mayor of your own city.


You will need to manage finances, construct new buildings, set your political policies, battle against crime and fight for re-election. 

Finance construction and growth through a range of income types such as taxes, stock and real estate sales.

Set policies to develop your city in area such as Tourism, Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Fight your political opponents and manage your relationships with big business as you prepare to contest the next election.

Develop arts and culture and contest with other cities to become the most 'liveable city' in the world.

Make money by buying and selling stocks and utilities such as water and power.

Game Blurb 1

Metropolis is a game of construction, politics and real estate. Build and manage your city to become the most liveable city in the world.


Game Blurb 2

As the newly elected Mayor your challenge is to rebuild the city to become the top 'most liveable city' in the world. Your task won't be easy, all essential services have been run down and the major buildings of the city have fallen into disrepair. While breathing life back into the city you'll have to watch your back, political opponents are ready to strike at every opportunity and your fate will be decided by the voters at the next election.

Game Features

Over 60 building types
Day and night cycles
Opposition parties and elections
Press conferences
Comprehensive policy options
4 types of public transport
Fully functioning stock exchange
Detailed financial information
5 types of tax income
Fully functional global economy
Intelligent news channel
Changing land and property values
Build, invest and sell property
Detailed crime statistics and management
Distinct and unique city suburbs

Produce and sell water and electricity

Realistic 'Liveable Cities' Index

Developer Quotes

'Our aim with Metropolis was to create an engaging political city building game that people can relate to on a personal level and I think we have succeeded in doing that.'

'Metropolis has a complex AI  system that examines a players actions and places them on a political spectrum.'

'We have incorporated a range of current political issues into the game such as gun control, gender equality and refugee intake.'

'We strongly believe that Metropolis has the potential to become one of the best strategy games of 2018.'

'Metropolis is different to most other city building games in that it is relevant to many of the current political issues.'

Metropolis has a very complex AI and can be quite interesting to sit and watch how the city changes by itself.'

Ben Robinson, Project manager at Studio by the Bay.

Press Release 3/3/18
Metropolis gets Steam release date

Melbourne based developers, Studio by the Bay  have announced their debut release, a political and city building strategy game, Metropolis. As mayor you will need to manage finances, construct and upgrade city buildings and fight rising crime, all while ensuring you keep a tight grip on power by winning elections and keeping one step ahead of your political opponents.

'Project Manager Ben Robinson said 'Our aim with Metropolis was to create an engaging political city building game that people can relate to on a personal level and I think we have succeeded in doing that.'

Metropolis releases through Steam on March 29th.

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