General Information

Game: Catburglar

Genre: Platformer, Arcade

Platform: Steam / PS4 / Switch

Release Date: 10/12/18

Developer: Studio by the Bay

Location: Melbourne

Game Description

Catburglar is a tribute to classic platform games of years gone by. Simple to control but difficult to master, Catburglar requires bags of skill and split second expert timing. 

The evil genius Dr. X has a fiendish plan to rule the world. By collecting 'The 12 Shards of Karahan' he can unleash an unstoppable and deadly power. 'The Tablet of Karahan' is an ancient artifact that was shattered into 12 pieces and hidden in a range of secure locations around the world.

Catburglar must find the 12 Shards of Karahan' before Dr. X can get his evil hands on them.

Dodge, dash, jump and duck in a race against time to save the world!

Game Blurb 1

Navigate your way through a series of perilous levels and thwart Dr. X's evil plan to rule the world.


Game Blurb 2

Race against time to grab 'The 12 Shards of Karahan' before Dr. X can get his evil hands on these powerful artefacts. 

Game Features

12 unique levels

Fast paced gameplay

Challenging platform action

Race against time to complete levels

Dash, health and time power-ups

Developer Quotes

'Catburglar is a tribute to some of the classic platform games of years gone by.'

'Our aim was to create a game that was simple to play but difficult to master. Catburglar requires skill and precision timing.'

'Two of our aims during development were to create a non-violent game that could be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and to make a challenging game that is lots of fun to play.'

Ben Robinson, Project manager at Studio by the Bay.

Press Release 1/9/18
Catburglar set for December 2018 release

Melbourne based developers, Studio by the Bay  have announced a release date of 14/12/18 for their new platformer 'Catburglar.'

'Project Manager Ben Robinson said 'Catburglar pays tribute to some of the classic platform games of the past. Our aim was to create a fast paced game that is accessible to all ages but most of all, fun to play.'

Catburglar is planned for release on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbone. Stay tuned for full details.

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